Inspiration is everywhere.

We have to be willing to see it. Sometimes looking at the same thing through different eyes is all that is needed.

A different set of eyes on your hair may be the change you're looking for. Contact for an appointment @ 918 510 6543


Salon Founder

Crysta Mishele is an Iowa transplant, moving to Oklahoma at the age of 21 for warmer weather, to create a better life for herself. After working at a large, well known salon in Tulsa, in the Aveda Corporate world, she discovered a better way. After buying a home in midtown at the age of 23, she was here to stay!

She has a bit of history as a entrepreneur besides her organic salon/studio previously partnering with an organic farmer selling at the Farmers' Market & espresso machine repair/water filtration company & business, along with helping market a local dance studio.

You will most likely find her outside for a walk or in the sun soaking up vitamin D*! Maybe you will see her at the local Farmers' Market on Cherry Street (she is a CSA Member of the Organic Three Springs Farm!), a yoga or barre class (a strong body is an able body), or teaching her favorite fitness classes (more on that later!).

Crysta believes business is a lot like running a marathon (having completed 3: Phoenix Rock N' Roll, Arkansas Natural, and Oklahoma City Memorial) - Keep going. It gets easier with practice, training, the right nutrition, and good company!

She runs less now due to time for training but will run to catch the sunset!

*Vitamin D metabolizes fat cells, increases immunity, and gives color to your skin. Just 10-15 minutes a day (think around 10:30am to prevent sunburn - later in the winter!) will help improve your health


"One of my young clients told me that his mother took him to a salon in the small town they live and he said when he returned he 'liked this place better.' I asked him "Why?" 'I don't know...it's just different.'"

Different is good.

Be different. Be unique. Be you; everyone else is taken. Be the best you can be and do the best you can with where you are right this very moment.

"Another client/friend asked if my parents were proud of me, having my own salon at such a young age (first salon at 27, business began at 23) and honestly, I don't think my parents ever saw any of my salons. I want to make them proud and I think they would be; my grandparents as well."