Salon Etiquette

Do you take Walk-Ins?

We do NOT see Walk-Ins. We feel it is unfair to the clients who scheduled their service ahead of time, and we want to ensure we have everything ready for each guest, prior to their arrival + enough time and attention to give to each individual.

We take appointment reservations Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday. Hours range from 10am - 8pm.

Is My Hair Wash An Extra Charge?

Every one has a different head, different hair, requiring a different amount of time. We have chosen to price shampooing similar to massage therapist (approximately $1/minute with our beautiful organic products) to be fair to our men who take anywhere from 3-10 minutes from our double washed colors who sometimes lay back in our shampoo chairs for 30-40 minutes. We want to be fair and equal, charging those who require more time (longer/thicker hair) rather than creating an 'average'.

How Much Do Your Shears Cost?

A few hundred dollars each and sometimes on just one haircut we use 3-4 different tools, not including trimmers/clippers for our male clients!

We have a traveling sharpener man who visits the salon every few months to keep us aligned/maintain our sharp scissors.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Payment is due at time of service.

Do you see men?

Yes! Crysta hand tapers every time and 50% of her clientele is male. Most men are on a 3-4 week schedule.

How long does each service take?

Each service is different but typically a male haircut appointment is less than an hour and a female haircut appointment is around an hour (you know your own hair, it's thickness, density, etc).

All over Color service typically takes 2 hours + a haircut = 3 hours.

All over Color + foil + haircut + deep conditioning treatment + waxing = 3.5-4 hours

Give yourself extra time. It's worth it to be able to lay back in our wonderful shampoo bowls, relax, have an extra rich deep conditioning/protein masque, a hand massage can be added on, along with, possible hand treatment and paraffin wax! It's all part of our Royal Treatment.

***IMPORTANT*** Your hair should be CLEAN when having an Organic Color Service done at Composure to reduce having a scalp treatment done at the salon, If you need a scalp treatment done prior to your color, please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure starting color application on time and there is an extra charge for this service, time, and products.

May I Bring My Children/Significant Other/Friend?

We prefer to work one-on-one, without interruptions, especially when it comes to small children who need to be entertained. We often have other clients in the salon and want everyone to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience so we ask that you bring yourself, a great attitude, and clean hair so we can see your style and true color. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax without worry, taking the time to beautify your hair, your self, and your well-being.

We do ask you also do not bring animals (Oklahoma Cosmetology Board Requirements + Crysta is allergic unfortunately!) and a light snack but no strong smelling food. We often share cuties, chocolate, coffee, and more but we all have our own dietary needs. There is a coffeeshop downstairs for sandwiches, baked sweets, and more!


How does gratuity work? Is it shared between stylist and shampoo person/assistant? Think the owner of the salon shouldn't be tipped?

A few different links. #1. #2. #3.

What is a 'tip'? Tip - present, reward, gift.

If you believe your service provider (shampoo, haircutter, stylist, colorist, etc) deserves a little extra, 15-20% of your service total (not including products) is appropriate.

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Do you see brides? Yes. Please refer to the ART tab for more design.