How long does each service take?

Each service is different but typically a male haircut appointment is less than an hour and a female haircut appointment is around an hour (you know your own hair, it's thickness, density, etc).

All over Color service typically takes 2 hours + a haircut = 3 hours.

All over Color + foil + haircut + deep conditioning treatment + waxing = 3.5-4 hours

Give yourself extra time. It's worth it to be able to lay back in our wonderful shampoo bowls, relax, have an extra rich deep conditioning/protein masque, a hand massage can be added on, along with, possible hand treatment and paraffin wax! It's all part of our Royal Treatment.

***IMPORTANT*** Your hair should be CLEAN when having an Organic Color Service done at Composure to reduce having a scalp treatment done at the salon, If you need a scalp treatment done prior to your color, please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure starting color application on time and there is an extra charge for this service, time, and products.