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A few Q's to ponder...

If you have been searching for a new salon, looking for a different approach to beauty, or considering an alternative to toxic hair color, Composure is here to help transition you, at whatever period you are in your life.

Crysta is going to ask you some questions to determine what will look best on you:

When was your last cut?

Why so long ago (if more than 3 months)?

How do you wash your hair?

How do you like to wear your hair?

How do you actually style your hair?

What type of lifestyle do you live?

What kind of budget are you on?

How much time can you invest?

Remember, hair is important.

Photos can be helpful in conveying ideas. However, these are models, and photoshop is commonly used in magazines. Also, their climate may be different, their hair density, porosity, texture, curl pattern - in fact, they have a completely different head of hair than you, but we will work with what we've got - the best way we know how.

p: (918) 510-6543